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Gaco: Roofing Systems, Deck Coating Systems and Liquid Waterproofing Membranes. Learn More

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SkyPaver composite roof pavers enable building owners to create durable, versatile rooftop living spaces including plaza decks, terraces, walkways and other accessible roof areas. Learn More

OMG EdgeSystems offers the industry’s widest selection of Factory Mutual-approved edge metal systems for low sloped roofs. ​​Learn More

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Rooftop Anchor engineers, manufactures and installs code-compliant suspended access and rooftop access fall protection systems from concept-to-solutions for your building or retrofit project. Learn More

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OMG EdgeSystems

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OMGEdge-logo.jpgOMG EdgeSystems offers the industry’s widest selection of Factory Mutual-approved edge metal systems for low sloped roofs. From fascia, coping and water control, to custom designed edge systems, contact OMG for all of your edge needs.


TerminEdge%20Fascia%20Red.jpgA full line of Fascia Systems that serve as the roof’s first line of defense and accentuate the building’s design.


PermaSnap%20Coping.jpgA full line of Coping Systems for parapet walls up to 32-inches wide, designed to protect the roof and compliment the building’s design.

Water Control

Gutter-connector-OMG78395-2_0.jpgA complete line of Gutters, Downspouts, Scuppers and Conductor Heads for every commercial application.

Roofer's Edge

Value%20Line%20Gravel%20Stop%20With%20Nails-updated.jpgDesigned for easy application on buildings that don’t require Factory Mutual tested or approved edge systems, serving as the roof’s first line of defense.

Edge Accessories

Snap-on%20Face%20Reglet%20B.jpgPerimeter Blocking, Expansion Joints, Reglets, Universal Fasteners, and more!



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